The Devil's Pulpit overlooking Tintern Abbey

New Year 2018 Blog

The Devil’s Pulpit overlooking Tintern Abbey

It’s great to be celebrating the new year by presenting my new website, all thanks to my gifted daughter Larissa! It provides a great opportunity to show my recent work, as well as to tell you about plans for the coming months.

Since returning from my artistic adventures in Tuscany in spring of last year, I’ve developed further my pen and ink skills and experimented further too with oils and gold leaf on working in a more integrative way……especially on trees. The forthcoming ‘Wye Valley Festival‘ focusing on arboreal subjects around the valley this year, provides a great incentive to explore this wonderful region and its history, and show my work locally for the first time. During May, I plan to exhibit in the foyer of Shire Hall, Monmouth, and during the first week of June, at Tintern Old Railway Signal Box. This also provides the opportunity to demonstrate and allow for consultations……and exhibit in the heart of the Valley itself! (Details can be found under the ‘events’ section of this site.)

These shows have provided a great incentive for exploratory walks, and I’ve been quite stunned by the amazing autumnal shades and reflections on the water and variety and ever-changing winter moods along the tidal stretches. The moody sea mists rolling in from the Seven estuary, can produce the most amazing atmospheric effects from the river bank. As one climbs through the surrounding woodland one emerges into intense winter sunlight overlooking the white blanket below. An elderly local resident at Llandogo referred to as ‘The white lady!’ who gradually through the morning disappears! It’s like being in Narnia! However, these constantly changing atmospheric conditions present the most challenging subjects to paint!

I recently walked up to the renowned ‘Devil’s Pulpit’ over- looking Tintern Abbey situated on Offa’s Dyke footpath. What an amazing view! Due to the quirky and somewhat spooky ancient Yew growing through what resembles an altar of limestone rock, and fuelled with the ancient legend of the devil preaching and enticing monks to abandon their Christian vocation, I’ve enjoyed allowing my imagination to run riot … pen and ink together with gold leaf!

Due to these plans, I’ve inevitably postponed plans for a return painting trip to Tuscany until later in the year….or perhaps even next spring

To see more examples of my pen & ink work you can visit my ‘Drawing’ gallery HERE.

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