Something about Jenny

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An interview with Jenny

Where did you train?
–          I spent much of my time in school drawing pictures, whilst I should have been focussing on the lesson or doing my homework! I also loved music. At the age of 16 I went to Florence to study both subjects. And it was at the renowned Studio Simi that I discovered the joys of artistic expression associating with like-minded folk with creative interests. This was followed by time spent in the Parisian Studios of the Impressionists. —- I’ve been learning ever since!

Jenny, you are better known for your paintings of farm animals and pet portraits, yet your website reflects a broader range of interest: landscapes, wild-life, and illustrations including portraits of people. What do you enjoy doing most?
–          I was brought up in the heart of the East Anglian countryside. From those earliest years, my most cherished pastimes were spent in the woods and fields, along the hedgerows and coast line exploring the wonders of nature and wild-life. I felt particularly ‘at home’ on the farm in the company of the family pets and farm animals. Whilst I’ve cultivated a variety of additional interests and hobbies over the years, that formative attraction to nature really hasn’t changed. I enjoy painting its wonders as much as capturing the unique personalities of cherished pets.

You seem to work in a variety of media: oils, water colours, pastels, carbon pencil and pen and ink. What criteria do you use when choosing one medium for your subject over another?
–          Whether a scene from nature, a family pet or depicting a story, images tend to call for expression in a particular medium and style. This is especially so with animals. Whether they have a shaggy or smooth coat, whether a classic head and shoulder portrait or a lighter, fluid approach seem to dictate a particular medium preference for the work in question, though I do especially enjoy working in oils. Atmospheric conditions seem to come alive in the depth of tones as well as texture of the paint. But the challenges and choices each have their strength!

What do you mean by ‘Capturing Nature with Integrity?
–              I realise that these terms are interlinked and quite hard to get a handle on, – partly because each has more than one meaning. When I speak of ‘Capturing Nature’, whether the nature of an animal, tree, plant or other living creature or landscape, I am not only referring to physical phenomena, but to aspects inherent and embodied in the form. So too I try to speak from my own innate nature. My Christian faith and spiritual experience together with my experience as an individual, family and organisational therapist have enriched the development of my art-work and how I perceive nature with its inherent integrity.

How do I go about ordering or commissioning a work from you?
Firstly please specify the nature of your enquiry: whether you are exploring the possibility of a pet or human portrait, a particular landscape that is meaningful to you (or to a loved one), or some other illustration. Costs for this are dependent upon the size and medium of the work requested as well as possible sittings, travel involved, and framing required.

Please CONTACT me with your enquiry and I’ll be happy to discuss possibilities and fees.

Do you work from photos?
Clients sometimes ask if I can work from photos provided. Whilst I will consider this, especially where a direct meeting with the subject is not possible, capturing the nature and character of my subject, with consideration to lighting, subtle tones and positioning are key to the formation and integrity of my work. Ideally I prefer to have become acquainted with my subject. I regard the taking of photos as a means of achieving this. It also informs my work and serves as a memory jogger.